Celebrating Life’s Events 

There are three major events in our lives, Birth, Death and for those of us who choose to – Marriage. 

When we register a Birth or Death it is normal for this to be completed privately with only the nearest and dearest involved. 

So why is a  Marriage different? We Invite all our family and friends to witness this. 

Why ? Because it’s tradition and that’s the way it has always been done. With a registrar wedding you have a 20 minute slot to say specific set of  words with a person you have never met, and sometimes in not the most romantic places. 


Kind Words

A few kind words from some of my previous clients.

Wedding – “thank you for making our day so special“.


Naming Ceremony – “we absolutely loved the water ceremony, thank you so much“.


Funeral – “my sincere thanks for the wonderful tribute you paid to Dad …. from start to finish you have been a wonderful support to me personally“.

A celebrant wedding can be anywhere, you do not have to have choose a venue with a license to hold a celebrant wedding.

Indoor or outdoor your celebrant wedding can be anything you want it to be. Do you have a beautiful back garden or overlook the countryside, Sea view or simply you favourite local Pub.  


*the legal bit* If the couple wish to legally marry an appointment at a their local registry office and complete the license and paperwork, they don’t even have to exchange rings. 


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