A baby naming is the perfect opportunity for families to celebrate a new life. It is the chance for loved ones to meet your new arrival and make promises and pledges for your child’s future.

I will help you create a ceremony which is totally unique and reflects the values and personalities of the family. As well as the parents, it can involve siblings, grandparents, guardians and friends too. It can be held anywhere you wish such as at home, in a park, or at a cafe or hotel. There are many things that can be incorporated such as promises you wish to make to your child, readings & poetry, and symbolic ceremonies such as tree planting or lighting coloured candles. During a ceremony the guardians or parents dip their finger into a bowl of water and draw a circle on the hand of the child and by the heart. 


A baby naming can be held for children of any age be they newborns, toddlers or older children.



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